Indonesia: Where Islam and Democracy Met

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Islam is often equated or dwarfed by a harsh religion, a doctrine closely related to acts of terrorism or at least that triggers the action of the act

What Ulama's says about ISIS

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The video below shows what the Ulama's opinion about ISIS group. No Ulama and no Islamic scholars in the world has given their support to ISIS. Sh

Peaceful Jihad

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The notion of jihad today seems to be increasingly "narrowed," which is understood only as a "holy war" or "armed war" (

Call for Jihad

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Nowadays, began to call for "jihad", a call to help a certain organisation to do something, creating a Khilafah-based Islamic State. The org

Our Islam : Islam Nusantara

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Islam is a religion of peace. In Indonesia, Islam was spread through trade and marriage, not by the sword. The history of Islam in Indonesia can be tr

Three stages of Jihad

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Please check the video below. It shows us about the three stages of Jihad, which is:

1. The Personal Jihad

2. The Verbal Jihad

3. The Physica